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Leaves a lovely sweet aftertaste

Drink to better shape

Another winner for me from the many options in store!

Good Detox

Both my Hubby and I are taking Triphala after seeing Dr Ratheesh and it has help us to go to the toilet smoothly on a daily basis. I personally has constipation which this helps in relieving it and also to keep my tummy less bloated too. Hence, a natural remedy.


Helps greatly with digestive issues and constipation. Very gentle yet effective. Already purchased 2nd bottle.

Golden Goodness

Very warm and soothing. Helps with congestion and induces restful sleep.

Soap Bar

Smells great, hydrating and mild scrub effect. Very gentle on my dry skin.

Body Oil

Very soothing and helps with sleep. Smells great too!!

Vata Tab
Vata Tablet

Helps with indigestion and bloating. Highly recommend

Supplement drink

I thoroughly enjoy this drink with all the benefits in the bottle. it’s a good supplement to me .

Good care.

"I've been using Tripala tablets for a few weeks now, and I'm impressed with the results. Not only have they helped regulate my digestion, but I've also noticed an improvement in my overall energy levels. The blend of natural ingredients seems to be gentle on my system, and I appreciate that it's free from artificial additives. Definitely recommend giving Tripala a try if you're looking for a reliable digestive support supplement."

Green Juice

I recall having this juice and experiencing a very mild headache. However it goes how strong the detox properties are and the results are so worth it!

Healthy Shot

I used to look forward to having my shot everyday. I cannot wait to get back to the regime of having this on a regular basis!!

Digestive Support Essential

Since incorporating these pills into my routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in my digestive health. Bloating and discomfort have become a thing of the past, and I feel lighter and more energized throughout the day.The convenience of the pill form also adds to their appeal. With no mixing or measuring required, taking these pills is quick and hassle-free, perfect for busy lifestyles.

Golden Goodness

Ega's Turmeric Powder Essence is a golden gem that I highly recommend to anyone seeking to boost their wellness journey. Its potent benefits, versatile usage, and convenient format make it a valuable addition to any pantry.

Gourmet Indulgence

What sets Ega's Pure Ghee apart is its exceptional quality. Made from the finest ingredients and crafted with care, this ghee exudes purity and authenticity in every spoonful. Its smooth texture and golden hue are a testament to the superior craftsmanship that goes into its production.

Refreshing Ritual

My teeth feel cleaner, and my breath fresher throughout the day. Additionally, I appreciate that this oil is made with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals or artificial additives.While I'm still in the early stages of using this product, I'm optimistic about the potential long-term benefits it may offer for my oral hygiene. With continued use, I look forward to further improvements in my overall dental health.

Excited Beginnings with Nano Nectar Powder Essence

Just started incorporating Nano Nectar Powder Essence into my daily routine, and I'm already thrilled with the experience! I'm looking forward to experiencing the potential health benefits it offers. With its promising ingredient, I can't wait to see how Nano Nectar enhances my overall well-being. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Aromatic Elixir

Turmeric Latte Mix is a golden elixir that surpasses expectations. Rich in flavor and aroma, it combines turmeric, spices, and creamy goodness to create a harmonious and indulgent beverage.

Vata Khichdi Mix
Hearty Delight: Vata Kichdi Mix

The Vata Kichdi Mix is a comforting blend of rice and lentils. Each spoonful was filled with warmth and flavor, making it a perfect choice for a satisfying and wholesome meal.

What stood out about this dish was its simplicity yet complexity in taste. The spices were expertly balanced, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine through.

Overall, the Vata Kichdi Mix is a must-try for anyone looking for a nutritious and delicious meal. It's a perfect option for those seeking comfort food that doesn't compromise on taste or quality. I highly recommend giving it a try during your visit to Ega Juice.

EGA Shilajeet Tablets

As the label suggests, really gives me the energy & stamina to go through my packed days!

Organic Quality products at reasonable rates

Organic quality products at reasonable rates


I love the light refreshing taste of this and this is a savior in our extremely hot weather

Alphanso mangoes

Out of 12 mangoes only 1 edible. I got refund for 5 . Then lost interest in even asking.
Last year we ignored the fact that every carton had 3 rotten ones. But this year only 1 good. I will stop buying from them . Losing too much money and nothing to eat.

Takes a bit to get used to, but effective.

The taste is very concentrated and strong, so it might take a little bit of getting used to. But after having taken these shots on and off for awhile now, i have come to quite enjoy the taste of it and enjoy the burn of the ginger all the way down the throat into the belly. My wife and I take these when we feel ourselves coming a bit under the weather.