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Yummy and Healthy!

Oh my God! The millet cookies are the best ever! Even just a couple at a time are so satiating and filling that you don't have to keep binge eating them despite them being so delicious and possibly addictive. The combined flavor of ghee jaggery and almonds kneaded into millet flour makes them taste really comforting - like home-made by grandma with love! A perfect antidote to those out of the blue and unstoppable sugar cravings without any guilt to go with it! The icing on the cake, without there actually being any, is that they are gluten free! Hoorah! Thank You for bringing out this product :)

Yummy in the tummy

Goodness in taste n yummy


I have purchased by Dr Kanika’s advice and the product is very nice

Thanq Dr. Kanika the product is very very good my children are using it and it’s good

Triphala Lax 2Detox
Byron Datinguinoo

Good cleansing the body product

Blood Cleanser Tea
Wai Kuin Choo
Great tea for daily consume!

This is my daily tea throughout the day. It helps cleanse my blood and improve my rashes issue!

best product

rich aroma, delectable, you can feel the taste of each and every herb on your tongue, it makes you energetic throughout the day and you will feel the effect from the very first day.

Simple and effective

Simple celery juice - Light. It is not sweet and refreshing and most importantly it helps to lower my high blood pressure. Love it.

Harmony Juice

Good juice to replace my crave for sugar. Love the slight ginger taste. Refreshing.

It does the trick and you can really taste how the rawness

This juice really does the trick if you want to boost your greens. You can taste how raw the ingredients are and feel like it's the real things.

Amla power

Mom loves it

Ginger element is great

Definitely an easy drink, ginger element is great

Daily Colon Cleanser

Ginger Coffee
Avan Chan

Ginger Coffee

Extremely poor

Unexpected from ega. The quality is sub standard

Delivery charges Postal Code 2
It’s so-so

I appreciate the convenience as I have back problems and cannot carry heavy items. However, we live 5 mins walk from your store so it is quite silly to pay $5 delivery.

Review for Power Juice

I really like drinking the Power Juice in the mornings, it gives me a balanced level of energy throughout the day and I seldom get colds these days since I started drinking it.

The last batch of pomegranate, more than half of it was spoilt and rotten

My daughter’s favourite!

Delicious and the one my 6 year old always reaches for!

Soothes n refreshes!

So much goodness in it, my body tells me “YES! MORE!”

Amla Tablets -120 pcs
Momo & luckybella
Amla supplements review

Take about 3 weeks so far so good and no Side-effect

Daily Colon Cleanser
Darius Taraporvala
Colon cleanser

Dr. Kanika was referred to me by my neighbor, and I'm very happy that she did. The colon cleanser seems to have helped a lot even from the first try. I will be taking it for about a week. Many thanks.

Golden Milk

The yummiest tumeric milk in town. Coconut milk and coconut sugar makes it very fragrant. Highly recommended

Consultation support was excellent

Dr kanika was always there to help me to provide the required assistance to guide me every time i did call her . Made my detox easier