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Good quality turmeric

I start my day with a turmeric latte. Have been using this turmeric for past few months and it is always good.

Green 2

I thought Green 2 tasted the best among the greens. Although all greens, it was surprisingly refreshing and filling.

Excellent Juice

Really feeling refreshed & energetic


My skin feels nourished after drinking this as part of the Pitta juice cleanse! Highly recommend.

Natural Immunobooster

After consuming this product I have less pain in my joints, especially my knees. Definitely will repeat order

Power - Energy & Immunity Builder

I like the taste of this product and would definitely purchase it again.

Amazing fresh juice

Though slightly expensive, great quality fresh juice.

Leave me wanting more!

I absolute love the feeling if my belly after the first round of triphala tablets. The juices also helped to curb my appetite and thus making me feel essentially ‘lighter’. I seem to crave for carbs lesser. Skin improved within a week. For someone who gets constipated a lot, after this cleanse, bowel movement is regular.

However, 1 thing for feedback:
1) Bottle capped wayyy to tight. I keep spilling each time I try to open.

Pomegranate fruits

I bought from this shop 2 times… out of 11 fruits 2 were rotten. I told them and they agreed to replace next time.

Bright - Weight Loss & Eye Health

Love the taste and definitely will repeat order

Perefect for those sweet Cravings

Ajwa Dates are considered as one of the best variety of dates . Organic Black Ajwa Dates are so soft to chew and fresh . if you are someone who gets those sweet craving in evening ; then these Dates are for you ....

Start Oil Pulling Excellent results

I was having gum challenges over past few months. However, Oli Pulling is really helping me. Gum bleeding has reduced.



Loved the taste.. it is filling and I did not feel hungry at all. Intact by evening I was full..

Great juices!

I loved the variety and labeling!

Gentle yet effective detox

Organic Black Dates - 500gm
Hephzibah Mythily

Organic Black Dates - 500gm


Nice juice, help in my digestion and relaxation


Nice juice, will buy again

Nathalie Sofia


The best organic pomegranates in Singapore

I am so glad to have found organic pomegranates, that were so deeply coloured and sweet. Huge plus too - the pomegranates were delivered in a cooling bag hence reusable and which i will return when i submit my weekly order. Thanks Ega, so glad we crossed paths

Thick and tasty

Very fresh. Best quality I had

Amazing quality Ghee

Great ghee which you can trust on quality. Great taste too


Nice juice, help to sleep well at night


Taste is good.

Diet cleanse

Loved the juices and the quality and presentation of the product. It also worked even if a bit too green. I will try some of the other cleanses next.