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Green 2 - Blood & Lymphatic System Cleanse

This juice not only quench my thirst, I could feel light after drinking it.

Will knock you back up on your feet!

I recommend these shots to everyone who is feeling like a flu is hitting. They even help a Covid-positive friend to gain taste and smell back! They're nothing for sissies! :) but 100% effective.

absolutely delicious

These cookies go well with something sweet on them but also like a salty version just without anything. They're filling and don't make you crave them again after an hour (like a typical sugary crackers would do). Definitely good to always have a package at home :)

Didn't feel hungry a minute!

The Juices are so filling and full of nutrients, that I never even for a second thought about being hungry or having any cravings. It is for sure challenging drinking 5 green smoothies, but you can feel the good ingrediencies you are drinking. I will definitely try out the other cleanse packs as well.

Fresh celery juice

The celery juice is really fresh!

Vata cleanse

Much easier than the Pitta cleanse. Start with this cleanse.

Deep cleanse

Not as hard but a good idea to stay home on the day of the cleanse!

A life saver!

I purchased the Black Hair Coconut oil a few weeks ago after I noticed that my hair wasn’t in great condition due to the sun and water. I have noticed a considerably difference and will make it a regular in my routine moving forward.

Pure Goodness

I love all your all products, excellent quality!

Pure Nutrition Juices

This is my first time on EGA juices and had tried 4 different juices. So far I enjoyed the juices. All EGA juices are natural, no additive and has health benefits. There are so many ingredients to create the concoction of EGA juices. As a vegetarian, I feel good and I will definitely go back for more.

A lil less Joy

Would prefer it if it were a lil less sweet . That said it is still a nice juice combination for those with a sweeter tooth

Revitalising and fresh !

Absolutely fresh and juicy and crispy ! You can never go with this one ! Thanks EGA for this quality product !

It was my 1st time doing a cleanse and having juices that taste good helps!

It was my first time doing a juice cleanse but I enjoyed the taste of the juices so it was manageable. I did it and will do it again soon!

Simply Mean Green Juice

Great green juice. I love this juice in the morning especially if I'm on the go. It really helps to boost my energy.

Tastes good and gives me my caffeine boost!

I enjoyed the Tumeric Coffee Latte and I am definitely planning to buy more !

Thank goodness for Natural Skin And Hair Care!

When you know your skin and hair need some tender loving care, this is the product to turn to. After just a few shots I am already seeing the difference.

Fresh coconut water
Englam Soh
Coconut Drip

Great taste, not sweet, comfortable on the stomach

Turmeric Jelly

Chewy and pleasant taste. Have purchased it twice and will purchase it again in future.

It lift my energy level.

I have been taking this product for more then three yrs, I feel more energetic .

Power - Energy & Immunity Builder

Ginger Coffee
Joyce Lim
Ginger coffee

Some how when my period comes, it's not painful and less bloated. Thumbs up to ginger coffee.

Ashwagandha Energizer Tea (Purified)

Fantastic ginger shot

Best ginger shot I found on the market. This one you really taste the ginger. The added turmeric gives it a nice boost too. I will definitely work to visit EGA regularly.

Super effective!

I am 40 and have been using this product for a year. My hairdresser asks me earnestly why I do not have any white hair?

Fat Burn Tea
Vincent Chio
Fat Burn Tea

I have been taking this product for around 5 years. I really help me to lose weight.

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