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Fresh and easy to drink

Lovely wash

Makes a smooth clean wash wash to use and as good as a shampoo

love this

refreshing and well balance


Makes your day.

Nutritious and great taste

Best Tumeric latte ever!

Green 2

Taste fresh and good !

Fast relief for runny nose

My runny nose was almost gone in just 2 days.


Well balanced mixed of fresh juices that makes me feels refreshed and energised.

Taste good

Love it

Love this oil

I could immediately feel the moisturising effect of this oil and I am looking forward to all the other benefits I will get from using this consistently

Prefer green 2 to 1

Can feel the effect more with green 2 😀

Very nice

love the taste

good balance and refreshing


Very fresh and well sprouted


Delicious and very easy to drink. One of my favourites.


Taste was nice and fresh and loads with lots of different fruits and ingredients


I also had one of these as part of my detox pack!

Super yummy

I always get one of these when I'm in the area. I feel nourished by it!


Love the taste. One of my favourite.

Good taste & Authentic

Have ordered again for this as it tastes very good, however, it gets a little dry and becomes difficult to remove the last chunks from the bottle. But overall it provides authentic and good taste.

Power Shots Like None Other

Addictive power shots! Magical almost… one shot & all numbness/pain vanishes.

Tumeric Juice

Since I started consuming the Pain Killer Tumeric Juice, I find the inflammation on my shoulder has lessen. Really find the drink beneficial to me. Will like to try the others too.

Great tasting

One of the best tasting juices. Felt really good after drinking the juice.

Fresh and delicious

Whole family enjoyed these, would purchase again

Ash Gourd Juice and its benefits.

Ega’s Ash Gourd juice is amazing. Firstly, it comes in the right size. Secondly, it is cold pressed and tastes exactly like it should. It has helped me tremendously with keeping my stomach alkaline. It is considered relaxing and cooling for both brain and gut.