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Alternative shampoo

This is a powdered form of shampoo. You need to wet your hair thoroughly and wet the powdered shampoo to create lather.

The hair can feel a bit dry so you need to apply conditioner.

There is a herbal scent


I liked the taste

Strong taste

Very strong shot but to be honest, not sure about effects. Was provided as a gift with raw honey purchase. May be useful for others. Not so sure they should still be using Himalayan salt - I know it's all the rage but heavy metal content can be an issue unless source has been 3rd party tested properly.

Pure Joy

Great tasting n refreshing juice! 🤩👍🏼😉

Sweet and smooth

A sweet, smooth taste. Light and easy, provides a good boost after consumption.


My 2nd time drinking this, it’s so refreshing and I love the flavour.

Review on Reshape

Excellent taste and full of amazing nutrients!

GREEN 3 - super refreshing

I like that it is less sweet and yet has such a fresh and delicious taste

Millet Cookies - Healthy & Gluten Free
MILLET COOKIES - perfect for my family

these are perfect for my family who have members who avoid gluten and are allergic to egg - they are so delicious!

Probably the best for a mini cleanse..

After a few days of rich luncheons and dinners, Green 4 is my absolute go to - helps me feel lighter and more alkaline.

Vata Tab
Helps me with digestion

I feel it does help me to improve my digestion, don't feel so bloated after meals

favorite go-to

my favorite go-to option of juice! it is refreshing and great for skin.

Easy to take

This is easy to take, no weird taste or smell.

Great Tasting...

Love the taste of the BRIGHT - weight loss and eye health. I buy it not so much for the weightloss but rather for eye health and do notice my eyes are less dry when I have this.

Absolutely pure and delicious

This is my repeated purchase as it paired so well with a glass of lemon water. It is sweet yet retain a flavour of pureness of the honey. Absolutely love it.

Great natural detox!

I had that regularly especially after a heavy meal or dinner. You will feel great the next morning ! I promise !

Hardcore Green Glucose/Fructose Free

Glad to have Hardcore Green without worrying about glucose/fructose consumption. It is refreshing and easy to consume. Thank you for having your product free from any fruit or sugar. Looking forward to more juice concoction with low/zero fructose :)


I've been taking Ega Juice cold pressed juice for a few years now. I'm very grateful to have high quality cold pressed juice made with love readily available. I fell ill with the flu recently. Drinking immunobooster, natural antibiotics and hardcore green daily thankfully helped contain the infection to the upper respiratory tract and avoided the dreaded cough. Am also very comforted by the care taken to obtain the best quality turmeric for our consumption. Thank you Ega Juice Team, from the bottom of my heart :)

Original Taste

Delicious and Natural ingredients.

Organic Afghan Dried Figs-500gm
Christina Joshua
Authentic Fig

Tasty and Delicious Figs.

Millet Cookies - Healthy & Gluten Free

Really good and healthy taste

Great cleansing juice

Fresh, tastes good, and helps me feel fresh. Helped greatly when I was suffering from edema

Organic Alphonso mangoes

Its important to me to get organic fruits - this is the only organic alphonso mangoes i can find - I do not have a sore throat after eating, unlike other alphonso mangoes in the normal fruit shops


I have taken this for months and can feel my body more comfortable and energised


The most clean and refreshing tasting ASHWAGANDHA tea I have tasted - and its effective in helping me have calm focus through the day