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Organic Black Ajwa Dates - Ayurveda Products Singapore

At EGA, Our Black A-Grade Jumbo Organic Ajwa Dates, have all the essential vitamins and other nutrients minerals, they also have 14 types of...
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Ashwagandha Energizer Tea (Purified)

Ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera is a known immuno-modulator that regulates the body’s immune system and helps it recover post any physiological and psychological stress. It’s anti-oxidant properties...
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Black Hair Oil- Coconut Oil(Hot Weather)

INGREDIENTS: Neeli, Bhringadi, Amla, Goat Milk, Cooked Coconut Oil BENEFITS: Helps fight premature graying of hair and baldness, promotes hair growth Ayurveda suggests healthy...
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Aam Ras (Mango Nectar without Fibre) 150ml

Note; Aamras is made from the pulp of fully ripe mangoes, and is consumed together with puri or roti. Sometimes ghee and coconut milk...
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Anti Inflammatory Oil - Pain Relief

Contents: Mint – prevents acne, ajwain (carom seeds) – pain relief, camphor – treats infection, cinnamon – heals acne, clove – fights infection Benefits:...
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Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Ingredients: Cooked coconut oil, shweta kutaja – wrightia tinctoria, Neem – Azadirachta indica Directions for use: This product is meant for external use only....
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