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30 Day Detox Packages and Juice Cleanses

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[Recommended] In-person Consultation with Ayurveda expert

Dr. Ratheesh will be unavailable for in-person consultation till April 6th 2023, However, we will be taking online consultations, please book here. The plan includes an...
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Complementary Juice Cleanse Consultation online with our Ayurvedic Expert

EGA offers 4 juice cleanse programs which are based on your body type. Ayurveda suggests 3 body types for humans (VATA, PITTA and KAPHA)....
Ayurveda Consultation Bestsellers

Online 1 hour Consultation with Ayurveda expert

When we are young, we can eat almost everything and still not gain weight as the body can metabolise and digest the food. As...
Ayurveda Consultation Bestsellers

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